iLoveSIA 2PCS Self Heating Knee Pads, Magnetic Treatment Warm Elastic

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Product Description


  • Easy to wear thanks to its light and soft material.Ergonomic design, breathable and comfortable.  
  • Ergonomic design, breathable and comfortable. Instantaneous thermal effect products, no external electricity or heat source required. Self-heating pad designed for the knee.  
  • Magnetic therapy is the use of artificial magnetic field in the body's acupoint, meridians & collaterals. No side effects. Safe and reliable.  
  • Can effectively improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and clear the meridians. 
  • Self Heating Knee Pads best for Knee Joint Warming, perfect gifts for parent. Suitable for people who always work sedentarily or in a prolonged standing position such as drivers or office workers, athletes or people doing regular exercise.