Why should you purchase the suitable nursing bras for nursing journey?

1.	Why should you purchase the suitable iLoveSIA nursing bras for nursing journey?

Why should you purchase the suitable nursing bra

First thing you need to figure out is: Do you need a nursing bra?

A nursing bra, or any type of bra, is not something you absolutely need, but it is a handy breastfeeding accessory. If you have smaller breasts, you may do ok without a bra. You can also use a regular bra or sports bra instead. However, if you have a larger breast, or your breasts are very full and heavy, a supportive nursing bra can be helpful for you to feel more comfortable.

When is it necessary to use nursing bras?

You have big, full, heavy breasts: Nursing bras can keep the extra weight off your nursing breasts. It can also support Cooper's ligaments, which may help prevent your breasts from sagging later.

You're leaking: Nursing pads can be worn inside a nursing bra to absorb excess breast milk.

Your nipples hurt: Nursing bras hold breast shells in place to protect your sore nipples and help them recover.

You plan to work out: it's important to wear a bra providing extra support during your workout, especially if your breasts are larger and full of breast milk. Without good support, breast movement during exercise may put you at risk for mastitis.


When you decide to wear a nursing bra, take a look at what’s so special about iLoveSIA nursing bras.

They make nursing easier and convenient.

Is that regular bra not workable for nursing?  No, you can still breastfeed your baby when you wear regular bra, but you have to disrobe or take off the regular bra firstly. And this is not easy thing for you when you take care of baby and it is also awkward in public, and functional nursing bras can make all to be easier and convenient.

As iLoveSIA nursing bras feature cups that clip down, fold down, or pull aside for quick, and often one hand access. Paired with the right top, you’ll be able to discreetly feed your little one anywhere.

They’re breathable and comfortable.

The materials used in regular bras may be uncomfortable for new moms. The type of elastic used in the band may leave itchy red marks; lace or 100% unbreathable fabric may irritate already sore nipples. Narrow straps may provide not enough support and bring shoulder pain, and underwire may dig into your swollen breasts and make your breast pain.

iLoveSIA maternity or nursing bras use materials like bamboo and cotton and other blend fabric, which allow your skin to breathe. In addition, nursing bras often have wide straps to offer more comfortable support and reduce or eliminate back, neck, and shoulder pain.

They adjust to your body.

Throughout pregnancy, your breasts may change anywhere from one to four cup sizes. They may grow even more when you’re nursing, especially if you become engorged or have an oversupply. As a breastfeeding mom, you’ll probably notice your breast size varies from one day to the next. In quality nursing bras, breathable fabrics are blended with just the right amount of stretch to allow for the normal fluctuations experienced by nursing moms.

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