Major Milestone of 10 Million Units iLoveSIA Nursing Bras Shipped

iLoveSIANursing Bras

Major Milestone of 10 Million Units iLoveSIA Nursing Bras Shipped



Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, PRC. --(TODAY’S TOP NEWS)—May 4th, 2020--

SHOP IT AGAIN SHENZHEN LIMIT, the iLoveSIA brand operating company today announced that total shipments of iLoveSIA Nursing Bras have now exceeded 10 million units on May 2nd, 2020 to worldwide.

iLoveSIA Nursing Bra 10million Units Shipped


iLoveSIA started designing nursing bras from 2012 and started selling nursing bras on,,,,, from 2013. And won the top 1 of best sellers in 2014 2015, 2016. And top 3 in 2017, 2018, top 5 in 2019. iLoveSIA also started selling bras on,,,,, in 2017. More than 5million moms enjoy the comfort from iLovesia nursing bras during their breastfeeding journey.


Making this accomplishment all the more significant, it was achieved with excellent quality, extreme comfort, and only 3.25% return rates was recorded.

Milestone of iLoveSIA Nursing Bra shipments have exceeded to 10 million units on May 2nd, 2020

“I am proud we’ve achieved a major milestone of having shipped our 10th million unit,” says Billy TH Wood, CEO and Founder. “We have created a new market with iLoveSIA comfort nursing bras. We are now seeing strong pull for this as our iLoveSIA’s official online store released on March 12th, 2020. Based on our customers’ feedbacks for these nursing bras, we expect to ship the next 10 million units in a fraction of the time it took for the first 10.”



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iLoveSIA, Registered brand in USA, EU, UK, China, focus on designing and selling comfort and affordable products to all buyers worldwide by online sales channels.

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