How to Choose one perfect Nursing Bra?

 How to Choose one perfect Nursing Bra? - iLoveSIA

Back in the day, nursing bras were the orthopedic shoes of lingerie: very useful but also kind of demoralizing. Today’s designs offer lots of styles, fabrics, and colors that cater to every mom’s size and situation, from firm, structured bras with seamed cups and wide bands to wrap-front seamless numbers that stretch like loungewear to handle months of shape-shifting.


Make no mistake: Choosing a feel-good nursing bra is not an indulgence, it is vital. Often worn 24/7, nursing bras may stay in your rotation for months or even years. Of course, the best nursing bras out there are only as good as their fit and function on your body, and no bra will work magic for everyone. And even the idea of your “perfect” nursing bra may change the longer you nurse, as your breasts settle into a different size or you return to work.

However, there are many styles, how do you know which one is perfect? What Should you Consider When Choosing a Nursing Bra? Comfortable and Convenient are most important.

Here are some design features that can be deal makers or deal breakers:


One-handed release: How easy is the clasp to fasten and unfasten? Remember your other hand will be holding a squirmy and impatient baby.

No-roll band: Without underwire, a wider, no-roll band helps keep you comfortable.

Extra padding on shoulder straps: At the upper end of the size chart, even the best-fitting bra can dig into the shoulders. Added padding can help prevent discomfort.

Extenders: A short band of extra hooks and eyes that lengthens the bra band. A very handy feature when your body can’t decide what size it is. Some nursing bras come with extenders included.

Nursing pads: Bras may come with removable nursing pads, which can save your bras and your shirts… and your pride.

Now that you know everything about nursing bras, it’s time to pick one. Here are some of the best ones out there--- iLoveSIA Breast pumping Nursing Bra. Nursing and Pumping Bra can be used for breast feeding, pumping or both together. Having this bra frees your hands while pumping so that you can multi-task. Button  in front for easy on and off. It is the perfect helper for new and working mothers.

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