Out Pocket High Waist Yoga Pants,Tummy Control,Workout Yoga Pant

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Product Description

Be careful when buying yoga pants:

  • Stretch: if the pants weave is not dense enough, once the stretch action is big, easy to show underwear, pants grain line will be out of shape.
  • Yoga pants should be tight: Too loose for yogis to look in a mirror to see if their leg movements are up to standard.Yoga poses more, if the legs are not fully tightened, when doing a big movement pants easy to move left and right.
  • The product fabric is not suitable for pure cotton fabric: once the pure cotton fabric is perspiring, it is easy to stick to the body, and the pure cotton fabric has little elasticity, so the subsequent yoga action cannot stretch out.
  • Choose fabrics that are not easy to pilling: When doing yoga poses, pants are easy to pilling against the floor, making yoga people enter a very awkward situation.

The characteristics of our product:

  • Fabric: 92% cotton+8% Spandex Jersey.High quality dyeing process makes the pants not easy to change color.High quality fabric makes yoga pants not easy to pilling, light and comfortable, making you feel as free as if you are not wearing pants.Most importantly, our products have a long life and are not easily deformed when washed.
  • Feature of thie Ankle legging: Side Small Pocket Design.Clothes are simple without too much trimming.The pocket design gives you more convenience when you're doing yoga.
  • Benefit of the Ankle legging:Close-fitting, The length of the trousers is perfect;You can clearly see your knees and legs when doing yoga. Soft material ,comfortable, breathable, machine washable.
  • Yoga folding crotch action thoughtful, a pair of pants according to the different parts of the fabric to make the pants have the characteristics of lifting the buttock body.This Cotton Classic Ankle legging is great for your fitness training in this Autumn and makes a good base layer for everyday fashion.
  • It has the ability of strong moisture absorption and perspiration elimination and air permeability.Mixed Colored Design,Nice pants for Yoga, Running, Workout, Fitness.