iLoveSIA Microfiber Sports Fitness Yoga Sweating Towel Fast Drying

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  • Quick Absorption- Custom Embroidered Towels are Made from 100% Cotton you’ll have a durable water absorption towel that’s quick drying and will wick away sweat with no problem. All Sports towels measure 25*110cm.
  • Suitable for outdoor activities, such as fitness, running, playing ball games, outdoor fishing, mountain climbing.
  • Easy care: These face cloths are durable, machine washable, tumble dry on low and can stand up to multiple wash cycles.
  • Dries 3 times faster than traditional towels,The best way to absort water is pat your body not rub.
  • Ideal for outdoor,sports, travel holiday.This size can be used to wipe sweat when at the gym.
  • Durable, up to 500 times washing,Please wash it separately before first use especially for dark color.