iLoveSIA Home Living Waterproof Lightweight Adjustable Cooking Apron

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Product Description


  • Stay dry & Stain free: Protects you from all dirty jobs, cooking, food prep, dish washer, fishing, garage work, butcher, pet grooming, farming, cleaning and gardening.
  • Durable & Lightweight: Upper layer is made of waterproof PVC. Smooth shiny sleek surface for easy cleaning. Ultra lightweight for long working hours.
  • Long waist ties to easily tie behind your back.
  • Easy to wipe your hands: Two large fleece towels on both sides, soft and highly absorbent
  • 1 big front pocket for depositting cooking essentials.
  • Multi Function: Can be Utilized for Activities other than Cooking including painting/Cleaning/ Serving /Handling sundries/Repair equipment/ industrial usage